A Day in the Life of a MECK Pre-K Teacher

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a MECK Pre-K teacher? We went into classrooms to interview a few of our teachers and got the inside scoop on what they love best about teaching pre-K classes at MECK Pre-K! 

What does a normal day look like?  

Teachers arrive at the center about 30 minutes before the children arrive. They take that time to plan ahead for the day, lay out materials, and review. Around 8am, children start arriving and greet their teachers. Children choose from a list of greetings – a fist bump, a dance, a wave, or other greeting. A typical 6.5-hour day includes breakfast, lunch, snack, nap time and recess. Teachers engage children in activities throughout the day. “On a typical school day, we learn letter sounds, we go over sight words, we go over spoken words, we learn letters. And most of all, we have fun,” one teacher told us. 

Before they know it, the day is over and teachers spend the last hour working on assessments, lesson planning, family communications and other activities.  

What is your favorite thing about teaching pre-K? 

Teachers love to see students grow and learn. “What I find most rewarding about the job is seeing the children progress from the first day of school,” one teacher said. “Sometimes they come in and they are very disconnected because they’re scared of being away from their parents. But by the end of the school year, they don’t want to leave.” 


They also enjoy introducing children to the classroom routine and preparing them for kindergarten. “I have noticed that students are really into our routine,” another teacher told us. “I can tell when they know what’s next, because as soon as the music plays or I say one thing, they know what the next thing is, and it just comes from repetition.” 

Why do you think pre-K is important? 

“Pre-K learning is essential for all children, no matter their learning style, because it sets the foundation for them to become active learners in their life,” says one teacher. Getting kids ready for kindergarten is another important reason. “When they don’t have those skills and that foundation prior to going to kindergarten, it’s like a hurricane ripping through a kindergarten classroom.”  

When kids do have that foundation, they are set up for success in kindergarten and beyond. “Starting in pre-K, laying the foundation … giving them the skills that they need, it helps them to become better students because they already have the skills starting now.” 

What are some things that people may not know about teaching pre-K? 

“The thing I find most rewarding about being a MECK Pre-K teacher is not only do I leave an impression on my children, but I also leave that good impression on my parents, one teacher told us. “So my parents learn from the children and the children learn from me.” 

What is the career pathway for a MECK Pre-K teacher?  

MECK Pre-K teachers and assistant teachers are employees of the child development center, but receive the same pay as, and similar benefits to, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) educators. Teachers and assistant teachers have regular opportunities to increase their knowledge through professional development and continuing education.  

Assistant teachers are encouraged and supported in becoming lead teachers. One assistant teacher told us, “I am an assistant teacher, but I absolutely would love to become a lead teacher. Being an assistant teacher, you help around the classroom. But being a lead teacher, it’s a different experience. You are more one-on-one with the children, more hands-on. And I think that’ll be a great experience for myself and for the children.” 

Interested in working for MECK Pre-K? 

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