We love to hear stories from our families and teachers about their experience with MECK Pre-K. Below are a few examples, as well as a form that you can use to share YOUR experience!

We love to hear stories from our families and teachers about their experience with MECK Pre-K. Below are a few examples, as well as a form that you can use to share YOUR experience!

“After she started Pre-K, she knows all her numbers, she knows all her alphabets, she can write her name and she can read. I don’t think I could get the same attention at another pre-k. Ms. Nettie made sure each child was treated as an individual.”

MECK Pre-K Parent

“Pre-K has helped Amina flourish in so many ways. She’s responsible, she learned how to write her name and all her alphabets. She definitely learned to be around kids more. She learned about manners, recycling, about the world, the bugs and other things. I’m definitely excited and ready for her to go to kindergarten because I know she was well prepared and taken care of in pre-K.”

MECK Pre-K Parent

“My son Gabriel now recognizes all of his letters, can count to twenty, knows how to spell his name, and traces letters, and this is only the first two months of pre-k! I love the activities that they have the children do in class, and how much they appreciate parent involvement. My son loves going to his classroom every day, and the teachers really love and respect all of their students.””

– Erica, MECK Pre-K Parent

“Francesca is much more confident now. She can thrive in a classroom environment with her other classmates and teachers. She is also reading at an advanced level! I am impressed she can read books and also answer questions which shows she comprehends what she’s reading. I credit this all to … her pre-K teacher, who identified Francesca was ready for these challenges!”

MECK Pre-K Parent

“I am very appreciative of MECK Pre-K, as it has set my son Isaiah up for success! His teachers and the staff were very hands-on academically and personally. Isaiah would bring home completed work, art work, and a book to read daily. They offered several volunteer opportunities to interact with your child, which I really enjoyed. I love that MECK Pre-K has always been hands-on with parents by setting goals and providing helpful resources. Thanks to MECK Pre-K, Isaiah was prepared for kindergarten!”

– Destiny, Parent of a MECK Pre-K Graduate

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all you have done to keep the program going during such tumultuous times. Being able to attend in person has been essential – not only to my son’s well-being but to mine as well. My son is absolutely thriving and I’ve seen so much growth in his character and academics alike. I cannot say enough good things about his teachers and the amazing job they do. Their dedication and compassion is second to none. They are absolute gems and I am so grateful for how well they love and encourage my son. Thank you again for being the bright spot in a pretty dim time. You should all be proud of the job you’ve done and the impact that you are having on families across the county.”

– Tess (mother of Elliot)

“My daughter is much more social and has warmed up to the idea of being away from me or her grandmother everyday. She thrives from a structure and enjoys knowing exactly what she will be doing daily. I love the placement she received. Her teachers and the entire preschool staff are fantastic. I know the quality of education and services she is receiving is what she deserves, but I would not be able to afford. If she was not part of the MECK Pre-K program, she would be doing pre-k virtually and would not be thriving the way she is now.”

– Brittney, MECK Pre-K Parent 

“Because of MECK Pre-K, my child can write his name, count to 50, count in Spanish, and knows sight words. The best part of MECK Pre-K is that he is excited about school [and] loves his teachers and friends. What he learns sticks!”

– Andrea, MECK Pre-K Parent 

“I am so thankful for MECK Pre-K. I know the program has been helpful to Emory. He’s learning so many new things. One day he is telling me about the solar system and the next day, he is telling me about storm clouds. He is just soaking up all the lessons with an excitement that’s great to see.

“He knows his letters now and can write his name. He also enjoys the read-alouds and I like reading with him in the evening. Emory is smart. He has learned so much. I know he will be ready for kindergarten and we have MECK Pre-K to thank for that.”

– Tiffany, MECK Pre-K Parent 

“It’s like he’s gone from a baby to a responsible little boy. MECK Pre-K has made a difference for our family, and I know my son will be ready for kindergarten. I think he knows it too.”

-Victoria, MECK Pre-K Parent 

“We are having an incredible experience with MECK Pre-K. My daughter’s facility, her teachers, the thoughtfulness of every aspect of the program from the time you walk in the door, to the shared family time at home has been amazing. Engaging is the best word to describe our experience. We are in the best learning environment for our child and wish all children could have a comparable experience.” 

– Patty, MECK Pre-K Parent 

“I just wanted to let you know how happy my husband and I are with your program, specifically at the Cadence Academy Preschool location, where our son, Dylan, attends.

He is only in his second week, but we are already seeing positive changes in him. He has been in pre-k before, and while he did okay at those other places, we still had issues (crying, accidents, etc). But ever since he has been in this program, he has been doing great, and absolutely LOVES it, and LOVES his teachers!! He doesn’t even give me a hard time at drop off – something he was known to do in the past.”

– Brittany, MECK Pre-K Parent