The First Six Weeks of MECK Pre-K and the Creative Curriculum

Are you curious to know what goes on in a MECK Pre-K classroom? MECK Pre-K uses The Creative Curriculum®, a hands-on, project-based approach to education that incorporates real life experiences into the learning process. For the first six weeks of the school year, teachers are focused on creating a classroom community, establishing a routine, and getting students familiar with learning in a classroom setting. It’s amazing how quickly children adapt to their new environment.  


The first six weeks of school lay the foundation for the rest of the year. Through classroom activities, children learn that their classroom is a good place to be, that they belong, that they can trust, and that it is a safe space. Activities are focused on feelings, learning names of staff and classmates, classroom rules and routines, making friends, and using classroom materials. “Building a Classroom Community” ends with “All About Me,” where children have the opportunity to talk about their favorites (color, food, etc.), their family, and what makes them unique.   


By the end of the first six weeks, most students will be able to name friends, know their way around the classroom, know how to use classroom materials properly, know the rules and schedule of the classroom, trust teachers, and be ready to step into their first investigation…Trees!    


Throughout the year, children will participate in fun, hands-on activities that integrate their learning objectives with other skills. Teachers are trained to follow a child’s interests, build on previous knowledge, and provide real world experience based on that knowledge. 


Here’s a “sneak peek” inside the classroom during these critical weeks, as we introduce MECK Pre-K students to the Creative Curriculum! 

  • Teachers will use Mighty Minutes® — short and playful songs, chants, rhymes, movements, and games to teach language, literacy, math, science, social studies, and physical skills throughout the day. 
  • Children will be introduced to a collection of high-quality and age-appropriate books such as “Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?” and “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” Each book is selected for its vocabulary, diversity, and/or the ideas and information in its pages. 
  • Together, the class will learn universal classroom rules and then make their own rules together. These rules include waiting turns, sharing, walking inside, washing hands, etc. 
  • Teachers will introduce “anchor charts.” These visual classroom tools hold students’ and teachers’ thoughts, ideas and processes in place. 


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