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A lot of people think pre-K is the same as daycare, but it’s so much more than that. It is an opportunity for children to grow and learn, make friends and build important life skills. Pre-K programs like MECK Pre-K Lake Norman offer a high-quality free pre-K education, preparing children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

In this article, we’ll discuss how pre-K can give children a head start on their education, and how to enroll your child in a pre-K program that will set them up for success.

Our Pre-K Lake Norman Location

MECK Pre-K is proud to offer classrooms in licensed child development centers throughout the community for families looking for high-quality early childhood education. Facilities are designed with the needs of young children in mind, providing a safe and secure environment that is also stimulating and fun.

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The Benefits of Pre-K

Decades of research have shown that pre-K makes a difference in the lives of children and their families. The foundation created in a high quality pre-K program prepares children for the demands of life — not just in the short-term as they succeed in school, but also in the long-term as they grow up, become employed, and contribute to the strength of the community.

While not all pre-K programs are the same, high quality ones like MECK Pre-K will help your child develop social, emotional, language and literacy skills that will last a lifetime. In addition, they will learn things like basic letter-sound recognition, number and color recognition, mathematical and scientific thinking, and the joy of learning.

Multiple studies have shown that kids who attend pre-K programs develop math, literacy, language, and communication skills significantly faster than their kindergarten classmates who didn’t attend a pre-K program, sometimes by as much as 176%.

When you enroll your child in a high quality pre-K program, you are laying the foundation for them to learn teamwork, creative thinking, emotional regulation, socialization, kindness, and much more. However, not all pre-K programs are the same. Now, let’s talk about what sets MECK Pre-K apart from the rest.

What Sets MECK Pre-K Apart

Programs like MECK Pre-K are specifically designed to make sure your child gets everything they need to excel in school and prepare them for life. MECK Pre-K offers a safe and secure environment in which your children can learn.

MECK Pre-K uses the Creative Curriculum®, a hands-on, project-based approach to education that incorporates real life experiences into the learning process. MECK Pre-K students spend each day learning, practicing real life skills and expanding their knowledge. Teachers are trained to follow a child’s interests, build on previous knowledge, and provide real world experience based on that knowledge.

Most of all, though, we prioritize giving your child a safe and nourishing environment where they can play, learn, and make friends comfortably while away from home. When you enroll your child in our Lake Norman Pre-K, you can feel confident that they’re in good hands, and they can feel confident in themselves.

How to Apply

Applying to enroll your child in MECK Pre-K is easy! Just follow these three simple steps:


  1. Start by visiting and clicking “Apply Now.” If you’re unable to apply online, email us at or call us at 704-368-3370.


  2. Upload the required documents to verify your child’s eligibility. You will be prompted to securely upload the necessary documents as part of your online application, or you can arrange via email or phone call to provide them in person.


  3. Check your email (or regular mail) for your child’s official MECK Pre-K acceptance notification!