What to Expect at a Pre-K Parent-Teacher Conference

You may be surprised to know that pre-K teachers hold parent-teacher conferences, just like teachers in older grades! The main difference between an elementary and pre-K parent-teacher conference is the developmental age of the child.  


Children in pre-K are developing skills that will be used later in elementary school. So the topics you discuss with their teachers will focus more on pre-K skills and development. 


Here are some examples of topics you might discuss in a pre-K parent-teacher conference: 


Classroom Behavior

To learn what your child is like in class, you might ask, “Is my child talkative or quiet? What do they enjoy doing? What do they not enjoy?” 


Learning and Development

To find out how your child is developing, you might ask, “What activities does my child excel at? Do they struggle with any activities? How can I support their development at home?”  


Social/Emotional Learning

To learn about your child’s social and emotional development, you might ask, “Is my child’s social and emotional development typical for his/her age? Do they have friendly relationships and play with other children? Do they share and take turns?” You might also ask how your child interacts with adults. “Do they listen and follow instructions? How do adults respond when a child has a problem?”  



You might learn about your child’s confidence by asking, “Does my child speak up during group activities? Are they comfortable speaking to adults and other children? Do they initiate play? Do they like trying new activities?” 


Behavioral Issues

If you’re concerned that your child has behavioral issues, you could ask, “Has my child had difficult interacting with classmates? When difficult interactions occur, how did you (the teacher) respond? Did the problems stop after the intervention or did they continue?” 


Parent-teacher Interaction

To help build your relationship with your child’s teacher, you might ask, “How do you prefer to communicate with me? How often should we check in? And “How will disciplinary issues, if they occur, be handled?” You may also offer support such as volunteering, or talking to the class about your career, hobby, or culture; if the classroom schedule permits. 


Home Check-in

If there has been a major change in your child’s life, such as a move, the loss of a family member, an illness, or other significant life event, you might want to begin or end the conference by sharing this information. You don’t need to go into personal details, but giving a teacher a heads-up about what is going on at home can help them to better support your child at school.  


Parent-teacher conferences are a great opportunity to learn about your child’s development, establish a strong relationship with their teacher, and learn more about the educational environment. These topic and questions can give you a good starting point for a fruitful conversation. 


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